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Say “No!” to Violence


Goal – Prevent domestic and sexual violence among young people by disseminating information on SRHR, promoting gender equality.
The project provides comprehensive training on the prevention of sexual and domestic violence, SRHR issues and the promotion of gender equality.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the planned offline training has been transferred to online. KMPA conducted two trainings for trainers for interested youth aged 16-29 in Kazakhstan. More than 100 applications were submitted, of which 41 people were selected on competitive basis from different regions of the country. These 41 people took part in online trainings. After training, young trainers united in groups, created their presentations, defended them and conducted cascade trainings in their communities: schools, institutes, colleges. The coverage of youth was 718 people.
Upond request from the gymnasium 30 in Almaty, KMPA held webinars and seminars on the topic “Protection of personal borders. Violence Prevention” for high school students. After the training peer trainers conducted trainings online and offline.

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