Physical address: 114/85 Zhambyl Street, office. 224-225, Almaty, 050012 Legal address: 243 Mukanov Steet, apt 20, Almaty, 050008

Shelter for Survivors of Trafficking

Project Timeframe: February-December 2021
Project summary:
Trafficking is violation of human rights. Thousands of men, women and children are enslavered. 30 of July is World Day of Combatting Trafficking. Trafficking is very profitable business and takes third place in accumulating income after selling weapons and drug trafficking. People without personal identification documents, socially vulnerable population, children without guardianship often become victims of trafficking. People with disabilities are forced to beg for money on streets. Global Data Center on Trafficking created by IOM in Kazakhstan revealed that apart from the locals the citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan also often become victims of trafficking. Kazakhstani citizens are trafficked to Russian Federation and UAE. The project goal is to rehabilitate the survivors of trafficking by providing them with psychological, legal, medical, professional, educational consultations to overcome difficult life situation. During the past year 16 survivors of trafficking were enrolled into rehabilitation program at the KMPA’s shelter (5 females, 11 males). The residents of the shelter received 2232 social services, 237 medical services, 196 psychological consultations, 84 legal consultations, 31 cultural services, 47 employment services. In total 2827 services were provided to survivors of trafficking.
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