Physical address: 114/85 Zhambyl Street, office. 224-225, Almaty, 050012 Legal address: 243 Mukanov Steet, apt 20, Almaty, 050008

Shelter for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Project Timeframe: February-December, 2021
Project summary:
In 2021 there were 125,000 applications for support and action on cases of domestic violence. Special strict requirements to behaviour of 9,645 people was applied. 40,000 were sentenced to administrative responsibility, 70,000 people were prohibited to approach the survivors of GBV. 3,756 people were revealed with behaviour disorders due to alcoholic intoxication who were sent forcefully to rehabilitation centers for medical treatment. Annually 1,000 people with behaviour disorders are deprived of parenthood rights. The goal of the project is to provide rehabilitation services to survivors of GBV to overcome difficult life situation. The shelter provided food and bed to 44 females and 71 children in 2021. Hotline to support the survivors of GBV consulted 93 people. The residents of the shelter received 5897 social services, 560 medical services, 420 psychological consultations, 385 legal consultations, 115 cultural events, 342 employment services, 245 educational services to children, economic services 67. In total 8031 services were provided to survivors of GBV.
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The main achievements of the project were that 44 females and 71 children were offered with food and boarding and that 8031 rehabilitation services were offered to these 44 females and 71 children.

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